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IES standards follow the ANSI consensus process, resulting in the highest quality lighting standards in North America.

Participation is open and does not require IES membership.

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  • Computer
    This Technical Committee researches and develops standard formats for input data to be used in lighting calculation software.
  • Control Protocols
    This Technical Committee researches and develops best practices for the use and maintenance of software protocol standards related to lighting.
  • Daylight Metrics
    This Technical Committee develops metrics and criteria to measure and assess the daylight quality and performance of various building designs.
  • Discomfort Glare in Outdoor Nighttime Environments
    Scope: This Technical Committee was formed to define a glare metric that can be used by lighting designers to determine if glare will exist at off-site viewing locations.  Learn More
  • Nomenclature Committee
    This Technical Committee compiles and defines lighting-related terms for uniform use in all lighting documentation, regulations, and standards.
  • Photobiology Committee
    This Technical Committee researches and makes recommendations for lighting based upon the biological effects of radiant energy.