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IES standards follow the ANSI consensus process, resulting in the highest quality lighting standards in North America.

Participation is open and does not require IES membership.

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  • Computer
    To assist the lighting community in the use of computers in lighting applications by setting standards and by disseminating information.
  • Control Protocols
    To serve as a catalyst to promote understanding, use,and maintenance of protocol standards for the purpose of facilitating the interoperability of lighting, lighting controls,and related building subsystems
  • Dark Adapted Glare
    To review research and create recommendations for dark adapted glare in relation to lighting.
  • Daylight Metrics
    Develop metrics and criteria to measure and assess the daylight quality and performance of various building designs, and document those metrics and criteria for use by others.
  • Nomenclature
    To define the terms and standards of illumination and to endeavor to obtain uniformity in nomenclature.
  • Photobiology
    To evaluate and interpret data and other information on the biological effects of radiant energy. To advise the Board on matters pertaining to photobiological projects, which might be sponsored by other organizations.